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Roth Pump CompanySince 1932, Roth Pump Company has been at the forefront in developing innovative, high quality pumps and systems. Recognized for its technical excellence, comprehensive customer support, and exacting manufacturing standards, Roth has become a global provider of highly reliable pumps and pumping systems. Roth has maintained the engineering edge in delivering technically superior pumps that result in lower installed cost and lower maintenance costs. When you install a Roth system, you're installing superb performance, unmatched quality and rock-solid reliability. You're installing success.

At Roth, we build in quality with every step. Inside most Roth pumps, you'll find self-centering impellers to reduce wear and extend operational performance with reduced maintenance and less down time. Roth pumps are designed for easy seal maintenance and lubrication. Some customers have had their Roth pumps in continuous operation for over 30 years.

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Roth simplifies your planning and design engineering with pumps that require low NPSH. And even if low NPSH is not required, Roth pumps, with low NPSHr, make engineering and design easier. They provide lower installed cost since certain models only require about 1 ft. (0.30m) static suction head to simplify piping requirements and lower suction tank elevation. Cavitation is eliminated since there is no large low-pressure area in Roth pumps. Roth pumps deliver high output pressures while operating at low operating speeds and with smaller HP motors. All this means better performance, lower operating costs and much simpler maintenance when you use a Roth pump.

Avoid costly equipment replacements and repairs with the unmatched reliability that's built into every Roth pumping system. We build our pumps with the highest quality materials and engineer them to last. Roth has pumps installed today that are still doing their job after many years of service. Roth pumps are tested at the factory to ensure compliance with specifications. Chemical pumps can be factory tested with ammonia or propane, down to performance with 1 ft. (0.30m) NPSHa of the liquid pumped.

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The Roth Solution

Let Roth help you solve your pumping problems. The Roth solution provides low NPSHr which means:

made in Illinois

Contact your local Roth representative or call the factory to find out how the Roth Solution can work for you.

Roth Company 80 year history - ongoing commitment to product improvements, customer service and solving customer problems.

Roth Company engineering (design, testing and patents) - producing products with better performance, longer life and easier maintenance.

Roth Company experience (low NPSH, liquids at or near their boiling point, factory testing) - delivering products to meet the most demanding requirements at lower initial and lower ongoing costs.

Roth Pump Company is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Pumps - Wholesale & Manufacturers in Milan IL

 Roth Company Specifications (lowest NPSH, motors with lower HP running at slower speeds, higher head pressures) - providing better efficiency, less wear and tear on bearings and seals, lower installed costs, lower maintenance costs.

 Call and let us tell you more about how the Roth Solution can help you in your pump selection.