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EnD Mounted Pumps Overview

End Mounted industrial pumps for non-lubricating liquids up to 100 GPM & 100 PSI. Roth end mounted industrial pumps have been proved in the field for 35 years on hot water, low NSPH, vacuum evacuation, and suction lift. Drip proof bearing frame, sealed bearing, stainless steel shaft, renewable liners, and mechanical seals for low and high pressure make this pump the most versatile industrial design of today.

Similarity between ROTH turbine and conventional centrifugal pumps is apparent in these respects:
  • Capacity increases proportionally with the speed ratio. Head increases as the square of the speed ratios. Power input increases with the cube of the speed ratio.
  • Capacity and head in feet of liquid are uniform for all specific gravities in liquid range.
  • The power input is proportionate to the specific gravity of the liquid.
  • The viscosity limitation of both is about 200 centistokes or 1000 SSU.


The regenerative action turbine pump takes over where the centrifugal stops. Following are those areas in which the ROTH turbine pump surpasses the conventional centrifugal pumps:

  • Turbine impellers develop pressures many times higher than those of the centrifugal running at twice the speed of the turbine.
  • Many applications which require 3500 RPM with conventional centrifugal impellers are better handled at only 1750 RPM with the ROTH turbine.
  • ROTH turbine pumps in many installations can run quieter and outlast the conventional centrifugal pump in the same service because they develop pressure at slower speeds; pump hot water with low suction head; and are free of the cavitation inherent in centrifugals under certain conditions.

More and more engineers are specifying "centrifugal or turbine" pumps for application within range up to 200 GPM and up to 300 PSI in order to permit cost and performance comparisons with conventional centrifugal pumps.

In such cases it is recommended that electric motors for drivers be specified as "non overloading at design point with overload and under voltage protection." This permits consideration of smaller motors when the pump selected has improved efficiency.

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