Multistage Feedwater Pumps

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Multistage Feedwater Pumps Overview

Roth multistage feedwater pumps deliver high pressures per stage at 1750 RPM. 2 and 3 stages can be combined in a single regenerative turbine pump. Each stage approximately multiplies the differential pressure by the number of total impellers. The Roth multistage pump design incorporates the possibility of module staging so that operation is at the point of peak efficiency, thus reducing power input and driver size and increasing pump life.

  • For capacities up to 125 GPM
  • For Boilers up to 500 PSI
  • For Heads up to 1200 Ft. TDH
  • For Temperatures up to 250˚F
  • For NPSH as Low as 3 feet
  • Quiet Running, Meets OSHA noise Limits
  • OSHA Coupling Guards
  • 2 and 3 Stages Available
  • Balanced Shaft Loads
  • Accessible Mechanical Seals
  • Available with Stainless Steel Trim for Corrosive Feedwater

For more information request Bulletin A108

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