Low NPSH Multi-stage Industrial Pumps

  • low NPSH multi-stage industrial pumps
Low NPSH Industrial Multistage Pump Overview

Roth high pressure, low NPSH, multi-stage industrial pumps solve the most difficult pumping problems. These pumps can handle continuous non-pulsating differential pressures up to 1038 psi (141 kg/cm2) and up to 2400 ft. (1646m)TDH. They provide low NPSH and are quiet, too. Capacity 4 - 150 GPM (.912 to 34 m3/hr). The non-pulsating discharge pressure makes the Roth pump ideal for de-superheating operations.

Roth multistage industrial pumps offer the highest pressures ever developed at 1750 RPM in a single low NPSH turbine pumping unit. Up to three stages can be combined in a single regenerative turbine pump. Detachable suction and discharge connections can be repositioned to suit pipe layout. Socket weld connections can be provided for high pressure pumping.

Multistage Pump Advantages

  • No Pulsation
  • 2 & 3 Stages Available
  • Quiet Running, Meets OSHA Noise Limits
  • Balanced Shaft Loads
  • Accessible Seals
  • Available with Stainless Steel Trim for Propane, Butane, Ammonia, & 350˚F Water
Multistage Theory

The effect of a number of impellers pumping in series in a single pump case is well established. The capacity of the pump remains essentially unchanged. The differential pressure developed by the pump is multiplied approximately by the number of impellers. The economics of pump manufacture have lead to the use of regenerative turbine pumps for heads above the point of peak efficiency thus increasing required power input and driver size and subjecting the pump to internal losses due to high pressure differential per stage. The Roth multistage design incorporates the possibility of module staging so that operation is at the point of peak efficiency, thus reducing power input, driver size and increasing pump life.

For more information on Multistage Industrial Pumps request bulletin A109.

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