350˚F Condensate Pumps

  • 350˚F Condensate Pumps
350˚F Condensate Pumps Overview

Full Displacement at One Foot NPSH. Suitable for steam condensate at temperatures up to 350˚F for reactors, evaporators, distillation units, concentrators, and autoclaves. Low NPSH design provides uniform one foot maximum NPSH required on all models. One-half foot NPSH required on smaller models.

  • Capacity: 3 to 180 GPM
  • Total Dynamic Head: 20 to 600 Ft.
  • Suction Pressure: 0 to 150 PSI
  • Brake Horsepower: .25 to 18.0
  • RPM @ 60 Hz: 1750· 3500
  • Temperature: Up to 350˚F

For more information request Bulletin J104

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